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ISTD Delhi Chapter  Ethics Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring that ethical standards are upheld in all aspects of our  operations, particularly in sensitive matters that require careful consideration and decision-making. As a valued member of our society, we believe that your expertise and commitment to ethical principles would greatly enrich our committee's discussions and deliberations. The Ethics Committee meets regularly to review policies, procedures, and ethical dilemmas that arise within our chapter. Your perspective and insights would be invaluable in resolving and upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct. If you want to raise and concern pl click on link below and mail us.

Members Query

For support with your diploma course, membership  and other queries,  please click the link & submit the request.


IMPORTANT : In case any query or complaint is unresolved or if you did not receive a satisfactory response you can escalate the matter to our Hon. Secretary  by sharing the details of the complaint/query/request.

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