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Apr-June 2023 Activities


Manthan 5th in series


53 Foundation Day Celebration

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Dynamic Delhi Club 22 April 


53 Foundation Day Celebration

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HR Analytics Training

ISTD, Delhi Chapter invites you to HR Analytics Certification Program  to imbibe a data driven culture of decision making within HR. Specifically, it will help HR Professionals with: 

-Getting familiar with HR Analytics 

-KPIs Looking for the right data in the right places

-Tooling HR professionals with cutting edge descriptive analytics  techniques

-Enabling HR professionals to take decisions using diagnostic analytics 

-Designing an analytics strategy for HR


Jan-Mar 2023 Activities


Manthan 3

Education day-3.png

Women's Day Celeration

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ISTD Delhi Picnic Fun

ICF Event  

International Coaching Federation - India's biggest event organised by ICF Delhi Chapter in association with ISTD Delhi Chapter FIRST ever International event  association by ISTD Delhi Chapter.

Join us in the event

Make this event a great success with your presence.

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Appreciation Day 3 mar

To all the Smart Successful Stupendous WOMEN of ISTD Delhi Chapter …. meet our Women team, lets appreciate them, recognises them for their contributions ....

#APPRECIATIONDAY #happywomensweek

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ISTD Delhi Picnic

Take 800+ people 50 kms away from home, put them in a 50000 sft village from morning till evening with no escape, spoil them with 2 doz variety of food, give them dozens of games and sports like darts, lattu, guler, kancha; take them on a bullock cart, tractor, camel ride; let them try their hands on the potterwheel or just leave them free do do what they want, to let their hair down - and what do you have? A bunch of T&D professionals who grow fonder of one another the very next day onwards. So, friends. That's the plan."
PICNIC Trip confirmation

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Launch of Manthan

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Nov-Dec 2022 Activities

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10 Dec 2022 
Panel Discussion 

Join the Special Session...led by Ms.Pritima Kaushal

An initiative by #istddelhichapter ISTD Delhi Chapter with POSH expert and Industry Leaders on 10th Dec 2022. Details would be shared soon

 #delhi #womenempowerment #stopviolenceagainstwomen 

ISTD Camp.png

ISTD 16days
Awareness Campaign 

Join the Special Session...

An initiative by #istddelhichapter ISTD Delhi Chapter with Debasis Satapathy  (GM HR NBCC) and Dr.Anubha Walia (Director Prism Philosophy) with insights from popular Indian scriptures  Mahabharata. #delhi #womenempowerment #stopviolenceagainstwomen 

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52 AGM 

Welcome you on 52nd Annual General Meeting (in-person) & (online) will be held on Saturday, 10th December 2022 at 3 P.M at  B-23, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016) and happy to attach Result of Election of Office Bearers of National Council of ISTD for term 2022-24. 

Zoom Online Meeting ID: 867 9473 7156
Password: 400374


Become a Voice #IVAW

The premise of the day is to raise awareness around the world .... aims of the awareness is to highlight that the s #thankyou cale and true nature of the issue is often hidden. Thank you Leaders for becoming voice 
#stopviolenceagainstwomen #stopviolence #womenempoweringwomen#istddelhichapter

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16 Leaders Voice

An initiative by #istddelhichapter ISTD Delhi Chapter with Debasis Satapathy  (GM HR NBCC) and Dr.Anubha Walia (Director Prism Philosophy) with insights from popular Indian scriptures  Mahabharata. #delhi #womenempowerment #stopviolenceagainstwomen 


29th Oct 2022

Welcome you on EOGM  (in-person) & (online) will be held on Saturday, 29th Oct  2022-11A.M & Handover ceremony on 7th Nov 2022- 9:10AM  at  B-23, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016)

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